The Pleasure of My Company

Has anyone read The Pleasure of My Company? How did you like it? I just read it today. I loved it! It was so funny and really sweet. I am really interested in mental disorders, so maybe that's a reason why I liked it so much. I think it would make an awesome movie. Some of the parts were described so well I could really see it in my head. I think it would be good with narration by Daniel, too. More like it would have to be that way, actually. Anyway, what does everyone think of it?
Nichole - Brave


I love Steve's movies, especially Bringing Down the House. During the summer, I turned it on almost everyday so that I'd have some noise in the background, and I still crack up when I watch it. Anyway, I was wondering...what are Steve's books like? I'm sure they're hilarious, but are they dirty or full of cursing or anything like that? Are they worth reading? Thanks for your input.
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Father of the Bride

Is anyone familiar with either the novel or the play? I'm wondering how different they are from the movie. I'm looking at directing the play in the near future and I wonder if it has the same gentle way of tugging on the heart-strings or if that is just the brilliance of Steve Martin in the movie.
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